See the list below for a sample of some of the equipment items that are located in the Morehouse Makerspace:

UP! 3D Printers

Raspberry Pi

Xbox One Kinect w/ PC Adapters

ULS Laser Cutter w/ Fume Extractor

2016 iMac Computers

Windows Computers

10″ Drill Press

Intermediate Router Table

6″ Bench Grinder

18V One + 7 ¼” Miter Saw w/ Laser


This core set is optimized for classroom use and contains all you need to teach using LEGO®MINDSTORMS® Education EV3. It enables students to build, program, and test their solutions based on real-life robotics technology.

User manual: EV3 User Guide

Filabot- Original

An industrial quality filament extruder the size of a desktop computer. Impossible right? We have worked to bring you the best in filament making technology. The Filabot is designed using the same proven techniques of large scale filament extruders. We designed every component of the Filabot to fit just right. The enclosure is professionally finished, this enclosure is designed around our powerhouse extruder. Our powerhouse extruder has also been designed from the ground up, using parts that are made to last, parts that ensure longevity of the system. With this Filabot you will be making filament to feed your 3D printer at over 90% less than commercially purchased filament. Not only is that a huge benefit, but you will also be able to make custom filaments. Filaments that could make project to change the world. Filaments Like:

  • Carbon Fiber Infused
  • Custom Colors
  • Dissolvable Filaments
  • Wood Infused
  • Conductive Filaments
  • Flexible Filaments

Making your own filament is great, but even better is the recycling that can be done. The Filabot can turn your failed prints into new high quality filament. To do so use the Filabot Reclaimer to grind the failed prints into shavings for re-extruding.

User manual: